“Unexpected item in the bagging area”

Sainsbury’s recently reversed their decision to make one of their stores till-free only. Thank God, says Tony Watts OBE I like to think that – despite the advancing years – I haven’t (yet) turned into Victor Meldrew. OK, I have the odd rant about over-loud car stereos and young men displaying disturbingly large expanses of […]

The world in a bubble: why we need good news now more than ever

Can we counterbalance the bad and fake news that assaults us from all directions? A new space on Facebook plans to do just that. Look closely at some of the spectacular images of Earth from space and you can see the fragile, shimmering skin of our atmosphere – the vast majority of it a wafer-thin […]

Step aside, old timer. This film’s too young for you.

Film buffs amongst you may have noticed a recent study from the United States telling us something we already knew… but probably couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about: that older people are significantly underrepresented in movies. But does it really matter? Because when they do appear, they are rarely in lead parts, or […]

Care: the issue that will decide the next election?

A telling survey came out at the end of August indicating that only one in four of us “believe they will receive proper care in their old age” despite – as the Telegraph put it – “the Coalition’s sweeping reforms of the system”. And that’s a shame as the “sweeping reforms”, while not answering all […]