George Ferguson: a Mayor who means business

You don’t necessarily expect a business community to enthuse about local politics. But there has been a palpable air of relief and, yes, excitement about George Ferguson being elected Mayor of Bristol. The consensus is that this is a man with whom we can do business.

As Mayors go, George Ferguson isn’t entirely typical. No ceremonial chain of office; definitely no fete openings. George is a new breed of Mayor… elected to do a job. The people’s choice.

As he says, this is “the best project” he’s ever had. Full on, agreed, but then he’s someone in a hurry to make a difference.

The best parallel is with Boris Johnson, who has significant personal powers to rise above party politics and also bring together the private and public sectors in order to get the best out of both. There’s no question that the Coalition Government had great hopes of a whole series of Borises being elected to galvanise city halls up and down the country; and the fact that Bristol was the only city to say ‘yes’ does, undoubtedly gives us a head start. They will want this experiment to work.

As he readily concurs, George has the ear of Government and is more than happy to bend that ear to win support for projects that can take our economy forward.

“I think the business community sees my appointment as refreshing because I’m not driven by party politics, not simply looking to the next election.

“Business looks for certainty. An open door for investment. That’s what I want myself, and for Bristol to be seen as the next step outside London. I make no apology for wanting more than our fair share of inward investment, more investment in construction and development. There’s a feel good factor that comes when cranes are on the skyline. It’s a sign of prosperity.”

(Extract from Bristol Property Agents Association newsletter, February 2013

You can download the whole of the newsletter (researched, written and designed by Tony Watts), by clicking here: bpaa2013-low res

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  1. M Tucker on said:

    Have you visited Kingsweston House, or been to a play at the Tobacco Factory Theatre..have you noticed how thriving and “buzzing” the bottom end of North Street is, in the vicinity of said theatre. That is what George Ferguson has achieved and can achieve for Bristol..we just need to get behind him with all our support!

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