ForgeRock looks to UK to build its global share of Open Source

ForgeRock may not be the biggest global player in Identity and Access Management Enterprise software. But – backed by funding from Accel Partners – it is, currently, one of the fastest growing.

Its latest move has been to set up its first European Engineering centre in Bristol. As well as providing support services to clients around the world, the new base will also act as its UK HQ and the company is actively looking for 20 exceptional individuals to fill a range of engineering and support roles.

Rather than go down the conventional recruitment route for people that the company feel will almost be certainly “off the agencies’ radar”, ForgeRock are instead using social media to spread the word, and offering a $5,000 introduction fee for anyone who puts them in touch with someone who is subsequently hired.

Lasse Andresen, CEO, ForgeRock says: “The $7 million of Series A funding from Accel is enabling us to realise our ambitions to be the market leading Open Source Enterprise Identity software provider worldwide. Part of that investment is to expand our engineering and sustaining teams worldwide.”

ForgeRock has already built a client base of over 100 customers worldwide  – including Toyota, Allianz, CapGemini, Betfair, News International, Nomura, Vodafone and AOL and a host of public sector bodies.

Gartner has valued the Identity and Access Management section at $15 billion globally by 2015. ForgeRock’s target is to get a significant slice of that pie – by offering a competitive offer against that provided by large legacy vendors such as Oracle, IBM and CA. The ForgeRock I3 platform – for the provisioning identities into legacy and cloud platforms – provides customers secure access to anything, anywhere, from any screen or device. The company earns its income from subscriptions, which, it says, “offers customers a wide range of entitlements from fanatical support and engineering engagement through to direct training – if that’s what they want.”

(Extract from press release)

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