Writing from experience

“Only connect,” wrote EM Forster. How right he was. Because when people and ideas connect, wonderful things happen. People understand each other. Barriers are overcome. Synergies are achieved.

And what I do is to make connections through words. I take on board what someone wants to convey, carefully consider the intended audience and then mould the language that will form a bond between the two.

During my career I have worked as a journalist, a PR and a marketer. I’ve given a voice to half a million readers, created little gems of videos that made a difference to people’s lives, and written speeches that moved people to tears (for all the right reasons). That’s what words can do.

I’ve written for a worryingly large number of different organisations on every topic imaginable for almost every conceivable audience, and in styles ranging from light and frothy through to heavyweight and corporate. Because of that, nothing fazes me and – I promise you – give me a good brief and no-one will come up with copy that works harder to achieve your objectives.

The service I provide is personal and direct. No juniors or lackeys. I take the brief, apply a lifetime of professional experience and produce copy that really works -  for SMEs, corporates, charities and Government departments as well as some very respected agencies.

These days, I spend much of my time writing about later life issues. It’s an area where – with all due modesty – few people have deeper and broader experience than I can offer. I’ve edited newspapers, written books, delivered speeches and campaigned on subjects around retirement and ageing for almost 30 years. I understand the issues. I know the players. I have a firm grasp of the politics. If you want to communicate messages to or about this demographic, I’m your man.

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