Who I do it for

Directly and indirectly, lots of people – and much of my work is commissioned through agencies.

It also takes the form of feature articles, websites, content marketing, speeches and public presentations, conference materials, video scripts, press releases, newsletters and much more. Past and current clients include:

Daily & Sunday Telegraph (features)

The Guardian (features)

Jordans, corporate law (company launch and videos)

Serco (exhibition collateral)

Department of Communities & Local Government (newsletters)

Procter & Gamble (international marketing copy)

State of Arizona (inward investment newsletters)

Deutsche Messe (exhibition collateral)

Warner Leisure Hotels (brochureware)

Welsh Assembly Government (business profiles)

Bristol Property Agents Association (annual market reports)

Micro Materials (technical brochureware)

Biotec (website)

Capital Energy Solutions (website)

Cycle West (website)

United Smile Centres (website and brochureware)

Shropshire Social Services (website, PR and collateral on fostering)

Chantry Court, advertising copy for retirement complex

Dyne Drewett, Solicitors (website)

Albert Goodman, Accountants (brochureware)

RetireEasy (website, videos, press releases and blogs)

LEAD Wales (press features)

Forgerock, enterprise software (press writing)

Butler & Sherborn, property agents (website and blogs)

Williams Gunter Hardwick, commercial property agents (PR)

University of the West of England (press features)

Fraser International (inward mission catalogue)

Partnership, financial services (brochureware)

Ageing Works (website copy)

My Ageing Parent (press releases)

But I work for smaller organisations too – from sculptors and printers through to nursing homes and career consultants.

Call me on 07738 167788.